Executive Coaching - confidence and positive impact during those periods of change and uncertainty

About Us

Using coaching and mentoring Danery supports leaders through those periods of change and uncertainty, be that for themselves, the business or both.

Danery can also act as a strategic advisor to the Executive or Board.

Operating as a trusted partner, Danery provides inspiring leadership, confidence and guidance, enabling an organisation to successfully deliver it’s strategic agenda.

Danery has significant experience in change, service improvement and transformation,  based in the East Midlands with national coverage.


A bit more about Jenny

  • Who are Danery?
    Danery is owned and led by Jenny Danson with a small team of trusted associates. Jenny and her team have a wealth of experience in coaching, mentoring, facilitation and strategic support for executives and boards.

    By working with a range of associates you can be sure we have the right solution for you and your company
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring
    For nearly 30 years Jenny Danson has been leading transformational change and service improvement in CEO, COO, Executive and Programme roles. She has worked for a wide range companies from start ups to multi-national brands.

    Jenny has been providing coaching and mentoring for 10 years to both young leaders and executive teams.

    Her natural coaching style provides confidence and guidance, enabling an organisation to successfully deliver its strategic agenda.

    Jenny is qualified to Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring and follows the British School of Coaching Professional Conduct
  • Strategic Advisor
    The most successful organisations rely on having a diverse perspective. Jenny and her teams extensive and varied experience enables Danery to quickly and honestly provide businesses with a reality check from a trustworthy yet challenging perspective.
  • Masterclasses
    Jenny provides a range of Masterclasses in Leadership Development. These are powerful interactions with outcomes that delegates remember for years to come.
  • Spotlight Profile
    Spotlight is a powerful and intuitive personality profiling tool designed to help individuals and teams develop adaptability. It supports performance, growth and collaboration by shining light on mindset and behavioural style.
  • The Boardroom
    Jenny provides education and challenge for Non Executive Directors in social housing on all aspects of property technology (proptech), sustainability and retrofitting homes.


'Having coaching sessions with Jenny has been a very positive experience and one that came at an opportune time for me. The coaching sessions have provided me with tools to use when dealing with issues at work, building working relationships and coping in a new role.'

Executive Coaching

A powerful, focused and effective development tool for senior leaders in any organisation. Skilled and targeted conversations that challenge and support executives to help themselves, and their business, to excel over the long term.

Coaching is led by you, based on what you want to accomplish and is provided in a safe and structured environment, allowing the coach and client to form a close and confidential relationship. Coaching can be used for a variety of reasons to gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve development objectives, unlock potential, and act as a sounding board.

We usually recommend 4-6 sessions, but it does depend on what the client wants to achieve as sometimes just one session is enough. Each session lasts between 1.5 -2 hours and can be virtual or in person to suit.

Executive coaching equips you with the tools for self-development and to become more effective – maximising personal and professional potential. Executive coaching uses models and questions to help executives clarify and solve their own problems. Improving the performance of leaders and subsequently their teams and the organisation.

Coaching provides both short and longer term benefits, with clients often quoting how the effect of the coaching has benefited them for years afterwards. Executive coaching is a very worthwhile investment, often surpassing training

Meeting Facilitation

Danery can provide facilitation for meetings, boards and workshops. Agreeing in advance the goal of the meeting with the CEO/ Chair. Setting the tone for the meeting, keeping the agenda on track, ensuring everyone, participates in the meeting in an inclusive way.

At the end of the meeting, the goals will be achieved, along with a write up of the event to ensure the actions and discussions are captured to allow implementation.

Strategic Advisor

Maybe there are areas of your business that would benefit from a critical friend, mini deep dive or peer review? Perhaps you have ongoing projects that need support? Danery gets under the skin of a business, fast, identifying areas for improvement. The most successful organisations rely on having a diverse perspective, Danery’s extensive and varied experience enables a quick and honest reality check of the business from a trustworthy yet challenging perspective.

Working with the CEO, Chair, Board or Leadership team, Danery can provide a one-off overview, ad-hoc call off support or a more regular input (4-6 weekly).

Any company needs a ‘road map’ to efficiently and effectively achieve its objectives. Your strategy is your road map. A strategy is about making choices with the express aim to make the best choices possible for the future.

Danery works together with colleagues and clients to assist leadership teams in making the best choices they can to improve the outcomes of their organisation for the future

The results speak for themselves…

Our clients include:

  • "Jenny is exceptionally talented in aligning commercial and strategic drivers with the needs of the full range of her customers. Jenny creates a culture of high performance, leading by example and fostering loyalty. I learned an awful lot working with Jenny"

    Gary Bellinger, Head of Repairs

  • "many things improve as a result of Jenny's ability to lead and inspire. Jenny says what she means and does what she says she will do; qualities that you can't fail to admire"

    Mark Varley, Head of Health & Safety

  • "As well as consistently delivering results, she genuinely cares about her colleagues and customers. She always seems to be able to get the best out of them by setting high standards, inspiring loyalty and building strong relationships. I learned a great deal from working with her."

    Susannah Cherry, Customer Engagement Manager

  • "also adept at very quickly getting to grips with complex issues and challenges and breaking them down in a way that enabled her teams to successfully manage them"

    Chris Elliott, BAA Plc

  • "She is highly competent in all that she does and expert at 'managing people through change'."

    Martin Cymbal, Operations Director

  • "she introduced a fresh focus on ensuring that the whole customer experience was how it should be and not how it was, encouraging multiple layers of management and staff to walk in their customers shoes much more often and take action as a consequence."

    Paul McCarthy, Manager Service Delivery

  • "She led her team through difficult and demanding times and was both a supportive leader and tenacious in her pursuit of culture change. I loved working with, and learning from Jenny"

    Suzanna Shaw, Head of Planning

  • "found her inspirational in terms of drive, leadership and delivery. She could be a strategic planner one minute and an excellent operational professional the next. I believe her can do, always rise to the challenge approach has rubbed off on me !!"

    Simone Assi, Retail Business Manager

  • "Jenny is a real purpose-driven, outcome focussed leader. She has a fantastic ability to manage and lead both up and down, to get the job done. Having worked with Jenny on several challenging projects, she's always been a safe pair of hands and is able to give confidence to those around her"

    Josh Dunn, Services Director

  • "It's rare to come across standout leaders like Jenny... her ability to juggle projects and constantly deliver on targets was incredible... never too busy to help others'

    Tristin Willis, Executive Director

  • "She is an excellent strategic leader, managing to look at existing processes and ways of working and completely revamping them to improve the effectiveness and productivity of the whole team"

    Mark Thorpe, Design Manager

  • "Jenny improved stakeholder communication and was an advocate of getting the end customer involved throughout the design process"

    Tom Heathcote, Executive Director

  • 'Her gravitas as a senior leader was evident from day 1 and during her time with us led a number of business critical initiatives, taking a number of our most challenging situations in her stride'

    Giles Carter, CEO, Ilke Homes

  • 'Jenny’s mentoring has opened up conversations around different leadership styles and strategies to grow our business, and she has given me the confidence through her belief in me to drive our business forward. The things I have learned from Jenny will help me for years to come'

    Andrew Buckels, Director of Organisation Growth, 3C Consultants

  • 'Having coaching sessions with Jenny has been a very positive experience and one that came at an opportune time for me. The coaching sessions have provided me with tools to use when dealing with issues at work, building working relationships and coping in a new role. They have made a positive impact on me, and in turn have allowed me to question myself as to what I want to do'

    Head of HR

  • 'Thank you Jenny Danson the training was really enjoyable, even when you encouraged me out of my comfort zone. I'd highly recommend this course to anyone giving presentations. Heartfelt thanks to Jenny Danson for the amazing session'

    Victoria Harman, Strategic Risk Manager, WMCA

  • Jenny provided excellent support for Access Training recently by facilitating our Board’s Strategic Away Day. Jenny’s energy, knowledge and insight provided real added benefits to the day as not only was she an excellent facilitator, she was also able to probe and challenge the conversations to make sure we were getting to the heart of the issues.

    Jenny uses a collaborative approach combined with a wealth of experience in leadership, housing and business to drive up the quality of the organisations she supports.'

    Corrina Hembury, Managing Director

  • "Jenny really listened to me and helped me to recognise the important values in progressing my career alongside my well-being and personal development. I gained clarity, confidence and deeper knowledge from Jenny’s astute perceptiveness of my career options and professional approaches to complex situations."

    Senior Leader, Nottingham College

  • "Working with Jenny was an enjoyable and insightful experience. As someone who had never had a coach before, I was unsure how to approach the sessions, but Jenny gave me space and understanding to let me talk freely about things that were on my mind....we found some key trends that pervaded a lot of my issues and Jenny helped me reflect on possible solutions."

    Director, Places for People