Come and join me in PIN

When I ask you to join me in PIN you’re probably thinking of these, maybe you, like many people, have been using pins like these in a lockdown “activity” to make and upcycle items….

But the PIN I’m talking about is PropTech – PropTech Innovators Network to be exact. This #SocialHousing sectors first (and best) network of this sort.

So firstly, what is PropTech?

It’s an acronym used to describe any technology for property and assets. Nothing more complicated than that. Many of you may already use it at home. ‘Alexa’ after all is PropTech.

Why do I need to be interested in PropTech?
Like many other industries, there is a huge amount of digital transformation happening across all property and asset sectors. Social Housing is lagging and each year the gap is getting disproportionately wider.
So, give me some examples of PropTech that I might have heard of?

There are so many including

· IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and artificial intelligence that allows prediction and forecasting of maintenance; a fridge alarm or movement sensor, meaning an older resident can live safely in their home

· Off site manufacturing for all or part of a house;

· BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology which allows better decision making through design, construction and operation of buildings ;

· Digital Twins (a digital representative of a physical object) that can be used to support many things including fire management and tracing of water leaks.

The list goes on, but that gives a little insight

OK – what is PIN then?

PIN – PropTech Innovators Network is part of Disruptive Innovators Network. PIN captures the insights and knowledge to support and inspire asset management leaders wanting to improve and/ or transform their service. We try new ways of working, test new and emerging technologies and help you understand how best to use them.

We have regular events looking at Technology, Strategy and Policy, we have Lightning Pitches, bringing members genuine innovative tech for supporting repairs and asset management, round tables to contribute to specific innovations, an annual summit and so much more.

PIN is a collaboration with Direct Works and MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government), organisations with equal passion to support your journey into adopting and accelerating in the world of PropTech

If you want to join me, please get in touch